Is climate change even real?

The consensus is in. Climate change is real. And we know it caused by us, and our burning of fossil fuels. Anyone who claims otherwise is either uniformed about the overwhelming scientific evidence, or is directly benefitting from obscuring or denying the truth. There is a formidable climate-change-denial industry, funded by those who benefit from the proceeds of the fossil fuel industry, and they are experts at sewing doubt and adding confusion to the discussion. You only have to look at the evening news to see that history-making extreme weather events, large scale degradation to our natural resources, and all the flow on effects that this is having for the human, flora, and fauna inhabitants of this planet, is very real and happening on a daily basis. If you are still unconvinced, we’d like to suggest you look at these excellent resources which will explain the issues to you better and in more detail than we can in a children’s book or a FAQ.

For debunking climate change denial myths:

For a user-friendly overview of the science (causes, impacts, solutions):

For those not afraid of a slightly technical look at cutting edge climate science, a blog run by leading climate scientists (including book co-author Michael E. Mann):