Doesn’t printing and shipping books add more carbon emissions?

It wouldn’t make sense for us to make a book about tackling climate change while adding carbon emissions in the process. So, we decided to make our book carbon neutral. We are working with an award-winning carbon neutral printing house in the UK, whose eco-credentials are impeccable. Printing in the UK, rather than China, minimizes long-distance freight. We are packaging and shipping our books with the lowest carbon footprint possible. We will offset any shipping emissions via participation in a carbon offset scheme. The cost of this is included in the cover price of the book. So, you can rest easy when you order your book that you are not adding to the problem. But, if owning a 100% recycled, sustainably printed, carbon-offset physical book still worries you, you can always opt for the e-Book instead.

We will always be transparent about our efforts to maintain carbon neutrality. If you see what we’re doing, and know ways we could do it better, please get in touch and let us know.